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Answer I don't know what's so special about American men. Women from all countries love men from all walks of life, not only American men. dude *-you, that is of no help

Sangkai: American or Hollywood? If it is American, then there's not much distinction as to their looks as a white American male could be taken as a British and likewise except perhaps if you could get them in person and have a conversation, then, the distinction will be the accent. Accent can charm women, but my opinion is that, British accent is much more appealing than the American's. Black American male also could be taken as an African except for the antics, style, and accent. So, in this sense, the question is insensible. I would say that most women from most countries which gets the chance to look at the men in Hollywood 'which they thought' represent the American love them. What they love is what the Hollywood portray of what an American should be like. The picked handsomest actors and all. But, if it is American men in general, they dont really as attractive as we all thought. Meaning that, they are just like any other men in any other countries.

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Q: What countries women love American men the most?
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