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i believe you could use wood when you dont have styrofoam

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Q: What could you use instead of Styrofoam?
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Is it ok to make noodles in a styrofoam cup?

Some people, to be cautious, boil water and add, instead of nuking. Others use a glass bowl to nuke, instead of the prepackaged styrofoam cup. See also the attached Related Link.

What kind of insulation do lunch boxes use?

Lunch boxes could use any type of insulation, most lunch boxes use a flexible based Styrofoam with a plastic coating to prevent the disintegrating of the Styrofoam.

What could you use to make a mini G reek Parthenon?

Styrofoam works best!

What do you need to build a model of the Parthenon?

you could use wood, Styrofoam, cardboard, or paper.

How do you make a model of the big Ben?

you could use styrofoam like my group used

What do they use for packaging material when shipping styrofoam?


What can you use to make a MODEL of a sperm?

You could use any light-weight modeling substance, or you could carve one out of thick styrofoam.

What could you use to make a cell membrane model?

Styrofoam, wire, cotton buds and paint

What is the solubility of styrofoam pellets?

Styrofoam pellets are not soluble in water or most common solvents. They are made from expanded polystyrene, which is a type of plastic known for its low solubility.

How could you use lightning instead of using batteries?

You could not use lightning instead of batteries.

What type of cup keeps water warm the longest-plastic paper styrofoam or glass and why?

Styrofoam because it has a thick layer and is a good insulator.Paper and plastic are could alternatives but Styrofoam would work better, therefore glass would be the worst one to use because it would only keep it warm for a couple of minutes.

How do you stop the use of styrofoam in schools?

You can replace styrofoam with something more recyclable like paper containers