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Q: What could happen if a person takes too man antacid tables?
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What could happen if a person takes too many antacid tablets?

Antacid is technically a substance that would dilute the acids produced in the stomach. The recommended dose is the amount that can reduce just the extra acid that might be produced because of over eating / a medical condition. When taken in higher quantities, antacids can interfere with digestion. prolonged use of high doses would slow down and eventually hurt the digestive process in the stomach. Common side effects of prolonged higher antacid doses are : Loss of calcium from the bones and kidney stones.

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What is a chemical change for an antacid tablet?

When an antacid tablet dissolves in water, it undergoes a chemical change. The active ingredients in the tablet, like calcium carbonate or magnesium hydroxide, react with stomach acid (hydrochloric acid) to neutralize it, forming salt and water. This chemical reaction helps to relieve acidity in the stomach.

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