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High blood pressure. It could also be some sort of medicine you're currently on. A lot of different things can cause it. If it doesn't quit, consult a doctor.

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Q: What could cause shortness of breath when don't have heart problems or lung problems?
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What is it called when you have shortness of breath and wheezing?

shortness of breath and wheezing could be .....

What would cause a sharp pain in your left jugular vein that is followed by shortness of breath and dizziness?

This sounds like a problem with circulation,and also could be plaque if you have problems with cholesterol.

Can low iron cause shaking?

Low iron does not cause shaking. It tends to cause dizziness, headaches, and shortness of breath. Shaking could be due to low blood sugar or other health problems that should be discussed with a doctor.

What is the difference between shortness of breath and dyspnea?

Using the term shortness of breath alone could mean it is present at rest OR when exerting oneself Dyspnea specifies when shortness of breath is present with exertion

Could malnutrition cause imagined breathing difficulty?

Yes, malnutrition could cause breathing difficulties. Malnutrition can lead to anemia, and shortness of breath and breathing irregularities are common.

What the causes of short of breath?

There are many things that could cause shortness of breath in the morning. Some common things are Asthma, anemia, pregnancy, emphysema, and heart arrhythmia.

Can furosemide cause shortness of breath?

No Furosemide is a water pill. It makes you pee more often flushing sodium from your body which could cause retention. Because of this, water does not congest your lungs and it clears your lungs to breath properly. I used to have Shortness of breath but since I started on lasix three months ago I breath very good and do not need to prop myself up with pillows while sleeping. So to answer your question I am patient on Lasix who knows that Furosemide does the opposite, it helps with shortness of breath(SOB)

Increased heart rate and shortness of breath?

Increased heart rate and shortness of breath is a symptom most commonly experienced by overweight people. If you are not overweight the cause of this could be smoking, eating of fatty and sugary foods, lack of exercise and not enough interaction with the opposite sex. To eliminate these symptoms you must eat healthily, not smoke, exercise frequently and if problems still persist seek medical advice immediately as this is a potentially serious situation.

You are aged 25 suffering from right hypochondriac pain constantly shortness of breath chest pain fatigue when you were 22 a doctor said that he had heard murmurs in your heart?

Heart murmurs mean that some of your blood is going from your right ventricle to your left ventricle without going through your lungs. That could cause a person not to get enough oxygen, which could cause shortness of breath, which could cause fatigue. Did the doctor that heard the heart murmurs make any suggestions such as see a cardiologist? If he did, why didn't you follow up on his suggestions?

What if you get stung by a wasp and start to get shortness of breath?

Go to the emergency room because it could be an allergic reaction.

Are problems trying to catch your breath the same as shortness of breath?

just started taking modafinil and not sure if this is considered a side effect. I've also been told diificulty trying to catch my breath could be stress related.Answeryes for both you have to take deep breaths Answeryes for both you have to take deep breaths

What could be wrong if you have a tight discomfort in your upper chest when you laugh or exhale and shortness of breath?

I think the primary reason is blocked arteries feeding your heart, but other things could cause this. You need to see a doctor right away.