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This could be a heart condition in which i suggest you should go see your doctor about this.

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Q: What could cause pain in the middle of your chest between the lungs?
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What could cause pain in the upper front middle chest?

Hitting itCutting itDrinking/eating something bad

What could be the cause of a sharp pain in the middle of the chest when inhaling?

is the air cold? When I jog in cold weather, inhaling hurts my lungs.

What causes pain in the middle of the chest between the lungs?

This could be a heart condition in which i suggest you should go see your doctor about this.

What is main cause of constant chest pain?

Constant chest pain could be from sore muscles in the chest or could be angina. Yes it is advisable to visit a hospital or you family doctor if you have recurring pain so that can determine what the cause is.

Cause of sharp chest pain?

There could be a few reasons why a person can have chest pains. You could be having gas issues or a heart attack.

What could cause red rings on your chest?

getting bitten by a octapus

What could cause red spots on face and chest?

Excema or bacteria ( which is pimples )

What could cause sudden chest pain while sleeping?

Acid Reflux

Why do you get chest burn and can't breathe?

You could have heart problems that cause you to have chest burn and make it difficult to breathe. You could have also eaten something that doesn't agree with you.

What does it mean when you are having chest pain in the middle area of your chest?

You could be having a heart attack if you are having chest pains or it could be something simple such as severe heartburn. If it does not go away by taking antacids then you should seek medical attention.

What could cause stabbing pain and pressure in the left side of your chest?

A heart attack!

What could cause tightness only in the upper left chest?

muscle strain or gas

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