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How differniat between early stage hydronephrosis and simple cyst

How differniat between cyst in liver or kidney ?

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Q: What could cause an Abnormal Ultrasound?
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What is abnormal or altered tissue?

Abnormal or altered tissue could cause medical issues in an animal or person. An example of abnormal or altered tissue could be a tumor.

What characteristics does an abnormal eye and orbit ultrasound have?

Abnormal results fall into the following categories: benign fibrous nodule, complex cyst, suspicious lesion, and lesion highly suggestive of cancer. In cases where ultrasound shows the presence of a complex cyst or.

What are the abnormal results of endorectal ultrasound?

Abnormal results range from any number of congenital deformities in the lining of the rectum to serious rectal cancers

What procedures may be used to rule out cancer so that a biopsy is not necessary?

mammography , ultrasound imaging, and ductography (used for imaging the breast ducts and diagnosing the cause of abnormal nipple discharges).

It could be you at p?

It could be you at pregnant , but it could also be abnormal hormone activity, which occurs in most women at some time in their life, and cause abnormal periods , I wish I could tell you for sure, but nobody can, only a test

What does an abnormal kidney mean on a ultrasound?

It simply means the kidney surface or cortex appeared abnormal - you will need a kidney biopsy to see what this actually means.

What in the body can cause an abnormal function?

a disease can cause abnormal functioning in the body

Why if you had an abnormal urine speciman why are they wanting a renal ultrasound?

to test your kidneys renal means kidneys

What is an abnormal result from a scrotal ultrasound?

An abnormal result of an ultrasound of the scrotum may reveal an absent or undescended testicle, an inflammation problem, testicular torsion, a fluid collection, abnormal blood vessels, or a mass.

What are the ramifications of using the wrong antifreeze in a 2000 Beetle?

The wrong anti-freeze could cause the water to freeze in the engine. The wrong anti-freeze could cause abnormal corrosion in the radiator.

What causes abnormal demand curve?

Prices falling can cause abnormal demand curve. Any kind of changes to the price, production, etc. can also cause abnormal curves in demand.

Been bleeding for 44 days very heavy 15years old what can cause this?

you could have cysts or fibroids which cause excessive bleeding. You should tell your doctor that you need an ultrasound to check it out.