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If you feel a lump or mass behind your nipple which you have not noticed in the past, it is very important to have this evaluated by a doctor. Though not widely publicized, men DO get breast cancer.

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Q: What could be wrong if you are a 40 year old male and one nipple is more sensitive when you touch it and feels as if something is behind it?
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What could be wrong if you are a male teenager and on one nipple it is bigger than the other and is more sensitive when you grab it and feels as if something is behind it?

Its most likely puberty i hear it happens to most teanagers its goes away after you have matured

Is clear nipple discharge a sign of pregnancy?

I don't think so it could be something wrong your nipple could have a infection go to the doctors

What does it mean your nipple burns?

They could be inflamed or you could be allergic to something that came in contact with them.

What is gynocastmia..My boyfriends nipple is puffy and ultra sensitive on one side only could this be a potential threat?

Gynecomastia is the enlargement or swelling of the breast tissue in males. Puffy and sensitive could be from a detergent or fabric that has irritated the nipple area, or it could be something serious. Men do get breast cancer and other conditions in that area that require intervention, so don't let him ignore it, especially if it lasts more than a few days, or returns.

Could the aids will spread by means of nipple?

If there are any small cuts or abrasions on the nipple, or if milk is sucked from the nipple, the aids virus could be transmitted.

Why are nipples sore?

AnswerIf you had unprotected sex, there's a possibility you could be pregnant.. Wearing a shirt without a bra can sometimes irritate the sensitive skin around the nipple and make it sore.

My right nipple hurts and seems inflamed?

Your best course of action would be to discuss this with your doctor. It could be something simple and temporary or the signal of something more serious.

Is nipple discharge bad?

If you are pregnant no , but if you are not it could be bad . But some women have this issue during their period . But this something you should ask your doctor .

If I have noticed white raised lumps around my nipple and a brown crust on my nipple along with aching breasts do you know what this could be?

nipple napple

Behind the door is a complete sentence.?

"Behind the door" could be a complete sentence, like in the answer to a question asking where something was.

What is desensitisiting?

Making things less sensitive. It could be in relation to something physical, like a tooth when you are at the dentist, but often in relation to an issue. In that case it could be doing something to make it less controversial.

Does breast milk come out of a nipple by licking the nipple?

The nipple is stimulated by the baby's suckling, which in turn creates the flow of the breastmilk. so, i guess you could say you are right.

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