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Contra-indications which prevent body electrical treatments include undiagnosed lumps/ inflammations or swellings, anyone undergoing medical treatment, anyone using steroids, Accutane, retinols, any metal plates, pins, coil or a pace maker, cancer related treatments, loss of tactile skin sensation, recent scar tissue, dysfunction of the nervous system or a heart disease/disorder.

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Q: What contra - indications prevent electrical treatments face and body?
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Contra indications to Indian head massage?

fungal infection for indian head massage that would prevent treatment

Indications and contra indications in the use of mannitol in head injury?

interacrainial haemorrhage

What are 10 contra-indications for a pedicure?

Anything that would stop you from continuing with the service, eg. A fungal infection or anything you could catch yourself.

Why should contra-indications be considered before carrying out a cutting service?


What are some contagious contra indications which can prevent you from getting a facial?

conjunctivitis, bacterial,viral or fungal infections,impetigo,herpes,warts,scabies,pediculosis,boils and carbuncles ,ersipelas,candidiasis

Describe the contra- indications using diagrams and pictures?

a contraindication is an indication that something should not be used

List 4 contraindications relevant to makeup application?

list the contra indications that restict makeup treatment?

Why is important not to name referable contra-indications?

because you are not a doctor and may think the condition is something it isn't.

Why is it important not to name referable contra-indications?

because you are not a doctor and may think the condition is something it isn't.

Contra indications of uterine sound?

,i just want to know what is the complication of using ultrasound and 4 cotraindications if using it?thanks!

What possible contractions may occur during a manicure or pedicure treatment?

Contra actions are unwanted effects (or actions) that occur because of a treatment. So possible contra actions for a manicure would be allergic reaction to a product (swelling, rash, redness etc), Enamel chippping or peeling etc Contra indications are signs (or indications) that the treatment needs to be altered or should not be carried out. Hope this helps

What are contra-indications for a hysteroscopy?

The procedure is not performed on women with acute pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) due to the potential of exacerbating the condition.