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The cement line is what connects the central canals. They are made up of different layers of compact bone tissue.

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Q: What connects the central canals of osteons?
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What is the function of Volkmann's canals?

Volkmann's canals are nerves that run across the surface of the bone.

Blood is distributed from the surface of a bone to deeper central canals through channels known as?

Other passageways, known as perforating canals or Volkmann's canals, extend perpendicular to the surface. Blood vessels in these canals supple blood to osteons deeper in the bone and to tissues of the medullary cavity.

Function of osteon?

Osteons (also called Haversian systems) form the basic structural unit of bone. Inside osteons we find the haversion canal - a central canal that contains the bone's nerve and blood supplies. The haversion canals surround these blood vessels and nerve cells. Communication with osteocytes in lacunae ("small lakes") through canaculi ("small canals") is possibly due to intercommunication channels between the haversion canals.

What is the function of the volkmann's canal?

Blood vessels in these canals supply blood to osteons deeper in the bone and to tissues of the medullary cavity.

How are perforating canals and central canals related?

Central canals extend longitudinally through bone tissue and transerse perforating canals connect them. -Brandy James :)

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Does spongy bones contain osteons?

No spngy bone does not contain osteons. Compact bone does contain osteons.

What are remodeled osteons?

When old osteons are removed, concentric rings of lamellae are fragmented which then results in interstitial lamellaebetween the intact osteons.

What is a description of the microscope stucture of compact bone?

Compact bone is dense and does not contain many spaces (unlike spongy bone). It has a concentric-ring structure. Compact bone consists of osteons which contains blood vessels and Volkmann's canals (which also hold blood vessels and nerves but run perpendicular to the osteons).

What is the function of the central canal and canaliculi?

The main function for central canal is to carry all the blood vessels and nerves in the body. It is found in every bone that is in the human body.

Does spongy bone genrally have central canals?

No, the canals are present in the compact bone (surrounds the spongy bone) and are called Haversian canals.

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