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Q: What condition results in a patient being totally unconscious unresponsive and unable to be aroused?
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What condition results in a patient being totally unconscious unresponsive and unable to be?


Is an unresponsive patient still breathing?

Could be. Breathing is not a response. A person who is unconscious would be unresponsive and still breathing.

Why emetics not given to unconscious patient?

Because - an emetic is given to force the patient vomit. If given to an unconscious patient - the patient could choke if the vomit enters the airway.

Unconscious in a sentence?

The patient remained unconscious after the accident.

What happen to an unresponsive patient without a gag reflex?

he was choking

What does the medical term unresponsive mean?

In a medical context, "unresponsive" typically refers to a state where a person does not react or respond to stimuli like touch, sound, or sight. This lack of responsiveness can indicate a serious medical condition or emergency, requiring immediate attention and assessment.

Does the medical term unresponsive mean you are in a coma?

No, unresponsive means the the patient/victim does not respond to stimuli such as touching, pinching etc.. Brain dead on the other hand, means that there is no brain activity. Simply put, an unresponsive patient may respond again; a brain dead patient will NEVER respond again (s/he cannot be resuscitated). Wendy Cadogan EMT-P

State of unconsciousness where patient cannot be aroused?


Where should you check the temperature of a unconscious patient?


Can a patient be unconscious and have normal vital signs?


What is the type of consent that is given when a patient is unconscious?

Implied consent.

How do you position an unconscious patient for oral care?

high fowlers