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Q: What condition is known as the lack of adequate saliva?
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Lack of adequate saliva due to the abscence of or diminished secretion by the salivaryglands?

There could be several reasons for this condition, and many of these are listed under Xerostomia (or dry mouth).

What is lack of adequate blood flow to the heart also known as?


The blue discoloration of the skin caused by a lack of adequate oxygen in the blood is known as?

CYANOSIS Is a bluish discoloration of the skin and mucous membranes caused by a lack of adequate oxygen in the blood.

How can lack of adequate credit become a challenge to entrepreneurs?

what does lack of adequate credit maens

How is xerostomia prevented?

Patients with persistent xerostomia need to practice good oral hygiene and visit a dentist on a regular basis; the lack of adequate saliva can cause severe dental decay.

The condition of being prevented from reaching a goal by events that are beyond your control is known?

Lack of motivation

When do you add lubricants?

When you lack sufficient time for adequate foreplay.

What are the causes of failure in p-ublic examonation?

Lack of adequate education or knowledge in the area being tested. Lack of preparation. Lack of rest, nervousness.

What are the causes of exam malpractice in Nigerian universities?

The causes of Examination Malpratice in Nigeria is lack of seriousness

What was NOT a factor in the Detroit race riot of 1943?

Lack of adequate living accommodations

What condition of arrested physical and mental development results from a congenital lack of thyroid secretion?

Arrested physical and mental development resulting from a congenital lack of thyroid secretion is known as Cretinism.

What is the cause and effect of muscle cells lack adequate oxygen?

Me too quero saber