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kernicterus, a form of brain damage. Signs of severe hyperbilirubinemia include listlessness, high-pitched crying, apnea (periods of not breathing), arching of the back, and seizures

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Q: What complications may result from high levels of bilirubin in infants?
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High levels of billirubin in the blood stream can result in?

jaundice the normal serum bilirubin level is 0.5 to 1.5mg%. jaundice occurs when the bilirubin level exceeds 2mg%. the increased blood level of bilirubin is called hyperbilirubinemia. excess bilirubin from blood diffuses into the tissues, skin and mucous membrane, colouring them yellow. this condition caused by overflow of bilirubin is called jaundice.

If your bilirubin is high and your gas level are up do you have liver damage?

Mostly only high bilirubin levels indicate liver damage. Too much gas could just result from eating a bad meal, or a slight bacterial infection in the gut

Positive result for Gmelin's test?

Gmelin's test is a qualitative method for demonstrating bilirubin in urine. Positive means bilirubin is present.

Will a baby with a high bilirubin count and jaundice be affected by it later in life?

Probably not, unless the count is maintained at very high levels for a long time, or it's a result of a liver problem.

What type of test is bilirubin?

fter collecting a bilirubin test which step must be taken post veinpunture to ensure accuate test result

How many complications can result from Meckel's diverticulum?

There are three major complications that may result from the development of Meckel's diverticulum.

Why is indirect bilirubin not seen in urine?

indirect bilirubin cannot be measured in the urine. Indirect bilirubin is in the form of unconjugated bilirubin which is insoluble to water and it is non polar in nature, another is that bilirubin is binded to albumin, which result to high molecular weight that's the reason why it cannot pass to the glomeruli for the glomeruli can only pass through molecules having lower molecular weights.

What complications can occur as a result of a CEA test?

There are no complications or side effects of this test.

What is the excretory product other than urea formed by liver?

In addition to urea, the liver produces bilirubin as a result of the recycling of red blood cells. The bilirubin is excreted through bile.

What is the medical term meaning bilirubin in the urine?

The medical term for bilirubin in the urine is bilirubinuria.Actually bilirubin is usually produced by the liver as a result of deamination of amino acid in the liver which is sent to the kidney as nitrogenous waste through the blood in which selective reabsorbtion takes place and so bilirubin is removed through the urine. It's harmful when it builds up in the body.

Does soy formula result in cold sweats in infants?


What complications occur after hair transplantation?

Major complications as a result of hair transplantation are extremely rare