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The reacting sucrose solution color will depend on the concentration of the sucrose in solution. The higher the concentration, the darker the color: green is the least concentrated, to yellow/orange, red, and brown with the highest concentration.

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Q: What colour will Benedict's solution turn into if sugar is added?
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What colour does Benedicts solution go with milk any kind of?

Yellow, because milk contains lactose which is a reducing sugar.

What is the test for sugar using Benedicts solution?

prosrdure of benidect solution test

What is the stain solution when chemical is test for sugar?

It is normally benedicts solution. Add about 1/4 of the total sugar solution to a test tube and heat it in a hot water bath at around 50 degrees C for 5 min. For example, heat 40mL of sugar water (C12H22O11 aq ) with 10mL of Benedicts soluton (copper and sodium salts). If it is a positive test it will turn yellow.

What colour of sugar solution on litmus paper?

Litmus does not change color in sugar solution.

What is the effect of sugar solution on turmeric solution?

when sugar solution is added to turmeric solution , it turns yellow.

What is the indicator for carbohydrates?

Simple(sugar): benedicts solution. Turns bright orange. Complex(starch): iodine turns dark purple/black

What part of a solution would added sugar be?

Sugar solution would be the solution.Water would be the solvent.Added sugar would be the SOLUTE.

What is effect ofon turmeric solution on adding sugar solution?

it will turn a yellow colour

What chemical is used to test for reducing sugar?

Benedict's solution is used to test for reducing sugar.

Is the Benedict's solution test qualitative?

Benedicts solution changes through a range of colours (blue, green, orange, red) according to how much reducing sugar is present in the sample. This can be used to give a rough answer to the question "How much sugar is in the sample?", but is not accurate enough (because of the blending between one colour and the next), to be called a quantitative test.

What chemical is used to test for sugars?

Depends on the Sugar: Reducing sugars a normally monosaccharides but there are some disaccharides too like maltose. If its a reducing sugar then you would add Benedicts Reagent (alkaline copper(II) sulphate). You then heat it. if a reducing sugar is present then a precipitate is formed that will be red/orange. A Non-reducing sugar like Sucrose can be tested by first adding benedicts and heating. if no change is present you then add hydrochloric acid to hydrolyse the glycosidic bond. you then add a hydrogen carbonate solution to neutralise the acid. Then repeating the Benedicts and Heating process.

What is the colour of sugar and common salt solution?

because that is how god created it