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I wouldn't say Red, as it's a color of fierceness. Love is a relaxed state, and is not fierce, unlike that of Lust. It is also confidence that you have found something which can stand the test of time, something greater than yourself. It is pride, something you will not let another take away from you.

And for each of these, a color can be attributed.

Confidence - blue

Pride - Green

Love - Pink

Lust - Red

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Q: What color power bead represents love?
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What color represents laughter?

The color that represents laughter is the color yellow. The color red represents love and the color black typically represents death.

Is the color pink a good color?

Pink is a good color. It represents love and virility.

Why does color red represents love?

Because it is also the color seen as hot and exiting

What symbol represents love?

A heart, the color red, roses,

The value of 1500 represents love the value of 528 represents parents love SO the value of 520 represents what?

Love from others

Does the color red mean power?

yes determination and love as well

What color represents rage?

I'm pretty sure the color of revenge is black because it looks like an evil color for revenge.

What is the significance of a stained glass picture with a green rose in it?

Green is the color of the energy of love. The rose itself represents the heart chakra.

What color represents suffering?

I am not sure, but I wonder if it is a rich dark purple. Blue for depression and sadness mixed with Red, passion and love.

Bead colors that represent magic and spells?

green: sight- you can see the future yellow: wisdom- you have all the knowledge in the world blue: water- you can control water and you are one with it orange: wood- you are the master of the forest and can control animals red: fire- you can control fire and play with it in your fingers brown: earth- you can grow crops and make wildlife come to life after dead purple: magic- you are master of all black: stars- you hold the power of stars in your hands pink: love- you are the master of love just like cupid

What color is love?

The color of love can be any color because everyone has a different color for love.

Why is the color red so impo rtant?

It signifies power and strength, alarm, life and love.