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Most healthy organs are pink. The liver is a dark brown color and the gall bladder is green.

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Q: What color is the digestive system?
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What body system does the intestines belong to?

The body system that the colon belongs to is the digestive system. The colon is also known as the large intestine.

The gullet is part of what system?

The Gullet Is Part Of The Digestive System

What digestive juices do digestive system releases?

help the digestive system

What body system contains the digestive system?

Gastro intestinal tract /systemThe digestive system.

How does the digestive system work with the digestive system?

The urinary system flushes out unusable chemicals that are extracted from the food by the digestive system.

How do the digestive system relate to cosmetology?

how does the digestive system relate to Cosmetology

What system work with the excretory system work with?

the digestive system

Gallbladder and pancreas are part of what system?

the gall bladder is part of the digestive system because it It produces and stores the bile.

Is the stomach an organ that is part of the digestive system?

The stomach is an organ in the digestive system.

How is the digestive system protected?

How is the digestive system protected.

What two body systems does the pharynx belong to?

The Digestive system, and the Respiratory system.

What effects the digestive system?

digestive is to digest but the digestive system is a system of digestion.