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Q: What color is seen as a symbol of health and freshness in advertising?
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what does the color pink stands for?

Pink color is an attribute to objects,personality,moods,health,youth,freshness or even a symbol depending on the contextual meaning of the color. Generally pink stands for innocence, beauty,freshness,health and youth in all living beings.Pink ribbon is symbolic of cancer.Pink of health means fit and healthy.Pink music is contemporary type of music.

Color symbolizing envy or natures freshness?

Green (:

What is the color of the Muslim symbol?

the color of the Muslim symbol is green.

Alert symbol is associated with which color?

The alert symbol is associated with the color red.

What does the green and gold represent?

Green typically represents nature, growth, and tranquility, while gold represents wealth, prosperity, and success. The combination of green and gold is often seen as a symbol of balance, abundance, and harmony.

What is the use of BHT in bathing soap?

It limits oxidation of the unsaturated oils in the soap and thus preserves color and freshness.

What became the color and the symbol in the cold war?

RED was the color that became the symbol of the cold war..

What is the symbol for Multi-Color Corporation in NASDAQ?

The symbol for Multi-Color Corporation in NASDAQ is: LABL.

What does green color depict to room?

Green is a very calm, relaxing color; it is also very refreshing and natural. It is a good color to use in kitchens and bathrooms because it symbolizes freshness and comfort.

What is a description of the color green?

Green is a color associated with nature, growth, and harmony. It is a mixture of yellow and blue, symbolizing freshness, fertility, and balance.

Color in advertising?

Colors can be very important in advertising, as a matter of fact color is the earliest form of advertising. Flowers and fruits have used colors to advertise to insects and animals in their efforts to pollinate and reproduce since the beginning of time. For some interesting color facts I have included a link below.

How would you use the color red in advertising campaign?

The color red is used in advertising to encourage one to eat for instance. Studies show the color red to be an appetite stimulant and is therefore used to display food.