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Q: What chemical will dissolve plastic?
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Will petrol dissolve a plastic bag?

gasoline dissolves thruw plastic ins seconds

Does lemon juice dissolve plastic?

No! This is why it's commonly sold in plastic containers. A very small and insignificant amount of a chemical used in making plastic (Bisphenol A) can leach into any product within the container. These amounts are harmless.

A substance that does not dissolve in a solvent is said to be what in that solvent?

- Sand does not dissolve in water- Plastic does not dissolve in water- metals do not dissolve in water

Is the ability to dissolve a physical or chemical change?

chemical change

Does hydrogen peroxide dissolve plastic?

What kind of plastic? Hydrogen peroxide solution comes in plastic bottles.

What is plastic solvent?

A liquid that will dissolve plastic . Lacquer thinner, Methylethyl Ketone, Xylene, etc.

What type of weathering occurs when reactions dissolve the minerals in rock?

We apply the term chemical weathering to the (chemical) reactions that occur and dissolve minerals in rock.

What will dissolve styrofoam?

Acetone is a chemical which will dissolve Styrofoam. Certain types of spray paint, as well as gasoline, will also dissolve Styrofoam.

How long does it take a plastic bottle to dissolve?

400 years

Why does thermocol dissolve in benzene?

Thermocol is another name for polystyrene (PS), which is a type of plastic. Benzene is an industrial solvent, and it's primary use is to make styrene. The chemical structure of benzene, a non-polar organic hydrocarbon solvent, and of PS is such that benzene will dissolve styrene and polystyrene.

Is the ability to dissolve a metal a chemical property?

yes and no it is a physical property but also chemical

What is a soluble base?

It means the chemical which dissolve in water