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You might want to check your podiatrist. Your diagnos might be different, but my son was diagnosed with bilateral tarsal coalition of the feet. In other words, his joints have fused together and is unable to walk long distances especially on uneven surfaces. When he does, he complains about pain across the top of his feet. A simple test can be done to see if you have tarsal coalition of the feet: Sit down on a chair. Bend your knee and rest your leg on the other (like a guy would sit) and placing your ankle just past your knee. Don't rest your ankle directly on the other knee. Now with your hand on the same side as you have your foot on the floor, grasp the heel of your foot and see if you can move your foot up and down without moving your leg.

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Q: What causes the feet to hurt so badly on the tops when walking to the point that one can hardly walk please help?
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