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Teeth can affect one's health in a number of ways.

First, being that the teeth are an integral part of the first step in digestion, healthy teeth are necessary for proper nutrition. If one cannot effectively chew some foods, such as meats and vegetables, these may be left out of the diet, thereby limiting sources of important nutrients and fiber. This can lower one's health.

Decayed teeth can be a source of infection and inflammation, which can have an adverse affect on one's health. If one is a diabetic, several studies have shown that blood sugar levels are harder to stabilize when one has oral infections from tooth decay or gum disease.

Some people are at risk for a condition called sub-acute bacterial endocarditis (SBE, a life threatening infection of the heart), and they can get this infection if bacteria in the mouth transit to the heart via the bloodstream due to infected gums.

Researchers are just now beginning to discover how important a healthy mouth is in terms of overall health.

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Hard candy can cause you to chip your teeth, smoking can cause tar build up and yellowness, opening cans bottles or anything that has to do with force can ruin your teeth, sucking your thum can cause you buck teeth in the future also make your teeth crooked

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if you eat unhealthy food that is full of fat and sudar you teeth will rot because they cant stand the amount of sugar and fat. but if you eat healthy there arent as many bad fats and sugars so your teeth wont be affected as much. brushing is always nesecary though whether you eat healthy or not

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of course the inside of your mouth and how it works and the diseases it can develop will affect your health next......................

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Eating too much sugar and poor oral hygiene.

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Q: What causes teeth to be unhealthy?
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no its not true............anyone can have healthy teeth and anyone could have unhealthy teeth.

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Unhealthy teeth doesn't cause you to have cold sores.

Is it unhealthy to have yellow teeth?

yes if you have yellow teeth, you should see a dentist

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diabetes and bad teeth

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teeth brushing is important because if you don't brush them your teeth will be unhealthy and your breath will stink its the same thing like eating if you don't eat your body will be unhealthy

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Definitely soda. It contains loads of sugar and acid. The acid wears away tooth enamel, the protective coat on teeth. This can lead to uncomfortable tooth sensitivity. Sugar in soda is unhealthy because it causes cavities.

Are teeth inherited?

Yes, teeth are usually inherited. If your father has straight, healthy teeth and your mother has crooked, unhealthy teeth, you are bound to get some combination of these traits in your teeth.

What soft drinks are most unhealthy and decay teeth the fastest?

Coca cola

What is inside gum that makes it not healthy?

Nothing makes it unhealthy, but the sugar rots your teeth.

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missing teeth

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