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Prickly heat in summers in tropical countries and platelet deficiency called thrombocytopenia cause uniform red spots all overbody. Red spots unevenly distributed or those on uncovered parts of body may due to mosquito bite or other insect bites or angiomas, capillary naevus etc. Signs and symptoms and investigations are important for differential diagnosis.

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A variety of factors can cause small red dots on the skin. Infectious causes of red dots on the skin include measles and chicken pox.

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an allergic reaction.

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Q: What causes small red dots on the skin?
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What is the cause of small red dots on skin nausea and fatigue?

There are many things that can cause small red dots and nausea and fatigue. The infection cellulitis can cause nausea, fatigue, and skin rashes.

What stings make red dots?

wasps make small red dots

Why might your mouse have red flaky dots on its skin?

Your mouse might have red flaky dots on his skin A)From dandruff B)from fleas C)From scratching

Can you get itchy bumps from smoking marijuana?

I think so... everytime I break it up my hands itch and small red or skin colored dots come

What do ladybugs body look like?

The Ladybugs body has red wings with black dots, The bottom of it when it fly's looks like the red wasn't there, The Ladybugs Skin color is black.

What would cause of a patch of red painless dots?

If it is on skin it may be a mild allergic reaction

What are the small red dots on the stomach of my staffordshire terrier?

The Small Dots Are There Because Staffordshire Bull Terriers Where Made Using A Bull Dog An English Terrier And A DALMATIAN

What kind of bite is it when there are 2 small red dots?

A spider bite :0

What is the cure to red painless dots on skin?

Depending on where the red dots are on your skin, a helpful way is to change your laundry detergent. It could be thechemcials that are causing the dots. If so, change the detergent in your next wash and the dots should fade away eventually. Otherwise, keep cool and put some ice, water, or even arnica gel on the dots. They'll go away eventually. That is a possibility but I had red dots that were flat on my skin for about a week and then they formed into bumps. They neither itched nor were painful, they were just there. I went to my doctors and she said that I may just have been allergic to something and the UV rays from the sun triggered my allergies to react this way. Hope that helps

What could be wrong if you have red dots on the upper part of your legs and you haven't shaved recently?

It may be a fungal infection.Search in google for "tinea skin infection".Tinea means from fungus.So try it.Fungus always causes spots.

What are the circular red spots on my skin?

red dots on my skinI don't know if ths is what your thinking of, but having small red dots that almost resemble red freckles on your skin is normal. A lot a people have them as signs of aging, and they are usually harmless. ANSWERcould be ringwormno not an actual worm, its a fungus and needs an anti fungal medication to treat itits passed on really easily but its also treated really easily.

What are a bunch of little red dots on your skin called?

it very well could be exima or goose bumps i am pritty sure