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i don't know I've just been looking to see what they are I've had them for a long time and are not painful, i tihnk if they were anything wrong my denist would of said something. I'll ask next time i go. if oyu really worried book to see your docter.

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You might want to ask your current doctor. they are called ulcers they may be cause by something you ate that you may be allergic to. this is not a serious condition. to make the person fell better by doing salt water gargurls and leaving it alone

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You said something impudent or in literal terms you are ill.
Some STD's can cause oral lesions (sores). The most common of these are herpes (either oral or in rare cases genital) and syphilis. If you have any concerns you should see your doctor or health department and let them find out what it is.

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consistant biting on your tongue can give you these red bumps called tongue sours they will be gone in about 2-6 days

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They are your taste buds. The majority of taste buds on the tongue sit on raised protrusions of the tongue surface called papillae.

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Q: What causes small red bumps on the side of your tongue?
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What food can make you have bumps on the side of your tongue?

Foods that you are allergic to can cause bumps to appear on your tongue.

What are the odd shaped bumps on the side of my tongue?

The odd shaped bumps on the side of your tongue don't sound like any medical problem. These bumps are your taste buds.

You have small bumps on the very back of your tongue on the right and left side far back towards your throat They arent painful but you can feel them when you swallow What could these bumps be?

Could be just Olsders, anything in mouth first try a bit of bonjela, get it from most chemists a clear gel for in mouth problems..

Will taking Adderall cause bumps on the tongue?

Some people have experienced painful bumps on their tongues after taking Adderall, but it is not a common side effect. If you take Adderall, or are going to be in the future, I would recommend taking it as prescribed by your doctor and seeing how it works for you. If you do happen to get tongue sores, then you're probably better off asking your doctor for an alternative medication. Adderall causing bumps on the tongue is a rare occurence, but it has happened.

Small red bump on side and top of tongue and feels swollen and burnt I recently had a tooth pulled?

small red bump on the tongue is the intimation or symptoms of tongue ulcer.

What causes small white bumps on the surface of the bottom lip?

Often confused and assumed to be the early signs of STIs it is more often than not a case of "Fordyce Spots", the condition is basically small sebaceous oil glands which get blocked and cause spots. Not helping with the confusion is that in men these spots can also be found on the gland of the penis. As this is a benign condition there's no set 'cure', a common recommendation are the same as treating regular spots: Try to open the pores in your lips with a hot towel when washing your face. If you're really bothered by the spots, or if you're unsure if this is the correct diagnosis, it is still best to seek help and advice from a GP or dermatologist [the latter will usually be more accurate, due to the confined field of research].

What causes a Clanging noise on passanger side of car when over bumps?

Probably a worn out suspension bushing.

Are there tonsils on the tongue at the back of the throat?

The tonsils are right before your tonge. If you open your mouth you can see them, they are 2 big bumps on the left and the right side.

Front suspension bumps and groans going over small bumps while driving it pulls from side to side?

Sounds like a Ford, Lincoln, Mercury product if so advise more info and we can go through it.

Do having bumps on your tongue mean you have an infection?

I actually had the same issue, but mine was do to a medication I was taking I take allegra for my allergies and had been on it for about a month and a half at the point of time when I noticed the bumps and my mouth was very dry. If your on any regular medications you might want to try talking to your doctor about the side affects of them and if that could be a possible one. But for your dry mouth my dentist recommended using a toothpaste and mouthwash called biotene it works wonders and also cleared up both the dry mouth and bumps in my mouth

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