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The are many causes of skin tears in elderly people. This may include friction, exposure to ultraviolet rays and so much more. The skin for the elderly so fragile.

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injuries , blunt trauma from colliding with objects , falls and transfers .

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Q: What causes skin tears in elderly people?
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What are the main causes of skin break down in the elderly?

The main causes of skin breakdown in the elderly are the following; friction,urine irritates the skin because of ammonia, immobility, malnourish and etc.

Do elderly people shed more skin than younger people?

no. less

What is astestosis?

Asteatosis is a drying and cracking of the skin, usually in elderly people.

What health problems cause shortness of breath in elderly people?

Causes of shortness of breath in the elderly: * Heart disorders * Lung disorders (such as emphazema) cancer. The elderly are more prone to bronchitis and pneumonia. * Lack of exercise. These are a few reasons. If you feel the person's skin is cold, clammy, a gray or yellow tinge to their skin, eyes are not fixed (meaning they can't follow your finger) then call the ambulance immediately.

What causes thin skin condition when the surface of the skin bruises or tears easily and leaves large purple marks?

Accumulated sun exposure over a lifetime thins the skin. Medications such as warfarin, coumadin and aspirin also cause this.

What change in the skin can lead to cold intolerence in the elderly?

loss of subcutaneous fat, common in the elderly.

Why do elderly people use talcum powder?

they do not dry properly after bathing talc helps to prevent sores from damp skin

What is a skin tear?

A skin tear is called a cut or a scrape. These skin tears can happen on any part of the body.

Is chocolate bad for skin?

no it isn't. many people say that it causes spots and oily skin, but scientific experiments have proved that it has no effect on your skin.

Why is pollution bad for people?

it causes health problems, and is really bad for your skin

Why do some people ich after swimming?

Some people with excema, or similar skin conditions, have reactions to the chlorine that causes their skin to itch, burn, or otherwise hurt.

Why do tears have a flavor?

Tears taste because they contain excess salt from the body that it does not need and they collect sweat and other debris on your skin if they move across the skin which can also alter the taste.