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deep cuts stupid

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Q: What causes scar tissue in the ankle?
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What does pid look like?

PID causes normal tissue to turn into scar tissue.

I have a strange scar on my ankle that I have had ever since I could remember. My parents don't know how I got it either. What could it be?

It could be from the chickenpox. I have a small one on my forehead from scratching to hard. Or you have weak scar tissue on your ankle causing scars from little injuries

What can the hypertension caused by scar tissue in the liver result in?

High blood pressure (hypertension ) from scar tissue in the liver causes swelling of and bleeding from the blood vessels of the esophagus.

When skeletal muscle fibers decrease in diameter it causes?

Excessive formation of scar tissue.

Scar tissue is it danger?

I s having scar tissue dangerous

Is scar tissue dangerous?

I s having scar tissue dangerous

What is the leading causes of infertility?

Scar tissue caused by an infection of some sort. Examples are miscarriage and stds.

How did the nurse recongnize odysseous?

by the scar on his ankle

Is scar tissue the same thing as endometriosis?

No. Scar tissue can result from a myriad of causes, including surgery to treat endometriosis. The tissue in endo adhesions resembles the endometrium, the lining of the uterus that sheds and causes bleeding every month, and responds to the same hormones as the endometrium, usually causing an increase in pain during a woman's period.

When was Scar Tissue - book - created?

Scar Tissue - book - was created on 2004-10-06.

What are the contraindications of recent scar tissue?

why is recent scar tissue restricted from make up application

Scar tissue is a variety of?

connective tissue