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Hyper-resonance (generally described upon percussion of the chest) is typically seen in Pneumothorax, where an accumulation of air in the pleural space causes compression / collapse of the lung on the affected side. Note that hyper-resonance is a late sign, and is seen infrequently.

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Q: What causes hyperresonance in a trauma patient?
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What causes Hyperresonance over the left chest?

Hyperresonance over the left chest can be caused by conditions such as a large pneumothorax (air trapped in the chest cavity), emphysema (damaged air sacs in the lungs), or a bronchial obstruction. It is important to seek medical evaluation for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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Hyperresonance-what does it indicate?

Hyperresonance on percussion of the chest typically indicates overinflation of the lungs, which can be seen in conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or asthma. It is often heard as a lower-pitched booming sound and can suggest a lack of normal lung elasticity.

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