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In many instances, urine crystals are highly treatable with lifestyle and diet changes. In some cases, medication may be required to treat underlying conditions. If you experience any changes in your urine, make an appointment to see your doctor.

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Q: What causes crystals in the urine how do you get rid of them?
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What causes amorphous crystals in the urine?

it leads to stones in kidneys?

What precipitates from urine when refrigerated?

Keeping a urine sample refrigerated allows the pH to aid in identification of crystals. Crystals form when urine is kept cool.

What would cause tyrosine crystals to be found in urine?

Tyrosine crystals

What is the best food for a male cat with crystals in it's urine?

A prescription diet formulated for urinary health is typically recommended for male cats with crystals in their urine. These diets are designed to promote hydration and maintain proper urinary pH levels to help dissolve crystals and prevent their formation. Consult with your veterinarian to determine the best diet for your cat's specific condition.

What type of crystals in urine might be present with diabetes mellitus?

uric acid crystals

A bottle of urine formed crystals - Does anyone know what those crystals are?

Uric acid.

What is amorphous crystals in the urine and what does it cause.?

Amorphous crystals are found in the urine samples of healthy patients and are very common in health care workers. Rarely amorphous crystals can indicate liver impairment or disease.

What do yo think will happen if your body get rid urine?

If you body gets rid of urine, it will function normally.

What is crystalluria?

Crystalluria is the abnormal condition of crystals in the urine.

What is the normal range of crystals in urine?


Does Blue Buffalo Cat Food cause crystals in Cat urine?

Yes, in some cases Blue Buffalo Cat Food does cause crystals in Cat urine.

Does urine get rid of a stye?

can not