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I work in a Gastroenterology office. You should see a doctor. It could be something as simple as a virus or something more serious like an obstruction or bacterial infection.

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Q: What causes continuous vomiting unable to keep any food or fluids down for two weeks?
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What causes continous vomiting unable to keep any food or fluids down for two weeks?

eat more solids

What is the purpose of intravenous rehydration?

An IV for rehydration can be used for several hours to several days, and is generally used if a patient is unable to keep down oral fluids due to excessive vomiting.

What do you do if you have heat exhaustion?

Move to a cooler environment, a shaded area or air conditioned room. Drink plenty of fluids like water or a sports drink. If you cant keep fluids down because of vomiting, go to the nearest emergency room for iv fluids. This can be very dangerous and can go straight to heat stroke fairly quick so dont hesitate to get emergency help soon if unable to keep fluids down.

What happenends when you are dope sick?

Cold sweats, irritability, intense pain (physically and emotionally), vomiting, diarrhea, unable to sleep, unable to eat, dehydration, ect.

Does drinking fluids aid in getting an IV?

An IV is the process of injecting fluids directly into the veins of your body to provide you with fluid. It has nothing to do with drinking fluids, although one reason to get an IV would be if you are unable to drink or swallow.

Does a gallbladder problem cause nausea and vomiting?

Not in my experience. My father had his removed and my wife has issues with hers. In their cases it just caused ridiculous amounts of pain in the chest which felt like someone had run them through with a rusty pitch fork. Neither of them experienced any vomiting or stomach issues. It didn't mess with their plumbing at all. A gall bladder problem can definitely cause nausea and vomiting, especially if the gall bladder problem causes inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis). If you have nausea and projectile vomiting (unable to keep down even a teaspoon of water), you should seek immediate medical attention.

How is shock prevented?

.Shock can be avoided by recognizing that a patient who is unable to drink in order to replace lost fluids needs to be given fluids intravenously. Other types of shock are only preventable insofar as one can prevent their underlying conditions.

How can you reverse the affects of dehydration with out IV fluids?

If the patient is unable to take fluids orally, if IV infusions are unavailable, hydrating solutions may be administered rectally. This is certainly not the best treatment, but if no other method is available, it may be life saving.

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I wonder this all the time. I assume it was a plot-hole made by Stephenie Meyer.

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Chronic Depression

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