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Any brain damage obtained before the state of coma is what causes clawing hands during a coma. This is what is commonly called a vegetative state.

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Q: What causes clawing in hands with a person in a coma?
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How are the anatomic causes of coma diagnosed?

Anatomic causes of coma are diagnosed from CT (computed tomography ) or MRI (magnetic resonance imaging ) scans.

What are the metabolic causes of coma?

metabolic causes of coma consist of those conditions that change the chemical environment of the brain, thereby adversely affecting function.

Is coma can be detected after death?

No, death pretty much trumps coma...a person won't be in a coma after they die. You might have some evidence, in the form of bedsores and wasting, that the person had lingered in a coma if the coma persisted for some extended time prior to death. .

What drug causes respitory coma and death?


Does inflammation of the brain necessarily mean that person is in a coma?

No. Exams of patients with encephalitis (inflammation of the brain) usually reveal a drowsy or confused patient but not in a coma. A person in a coma state can not be aroused.

What are the anatomic causes of coma?

Anatomic causes of coma are those conditions that disrupt the normal physical architecture of the brain structures responsible for consciousness, either at the level of the cerebal cortex or the brainstem

Can a person cry when there in a coma?

yes they can.

How would one get a brain injury coma?

There are several different ways a person can end up in a coma due to a brain injury. A person can go into a coma if the brains swells or bleeds after the injury.

How are the metabolic causes of coma diagnosed?

Metabolic causes of coma are diagnosed from blood work and urinalysis to evaluate blood chemistry, drug screen, and blood cell abnormalities that may indicate infection.

What can get rid of coma?

A person in a deep coma often cannot emerge. Ask your physician his prognosis about the possibilities of your friend being able to emerge from the coma.

What Causes Coma's?

commas like , and , and , it is used to make a "pause" to a word.

What can you do to help a person in a coma?

pull the plug