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Q: What causes a person to get out of breath?
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Related questions

What causes a person to lose consciousness by holding their breath?

Lack of oxygen to the brain.

What causes fruity breath due to a person fasting?

Ketosis or diabetes can cause fruity breath when a person is fasting. This is often a sign that a person has very low blood sugar or of the chemical breakdown of proteins in the body.

Why is a person with emphysema short of breath?

the person can have short of breath as the lungs are being weakened

What cause a person to hyperventilate?

rapid breathing the causes are a bit like holding your breath; you don't get enough oxygen into your body and so the person will begin to panic and breathe quicker. what causes a person to hyperventilate could be a number of things from shock to an asthma attack

What causes bad breath in children?


What is the muscle that causes you to breath?

That would be the diaphragm.

Why do you see your breath in the cold?

The cold causes the moisture in your breath to condense, making it visible.

Does piles cause chronic bad breath?

yes, piles causes bad breath

When fasting what causes a persons breath to smell fruity?

A person who is fasting may notice that their breath will begin to smell fruity. This is because the body is going into ketosis. This is also common amongst those who have diabetes.

What illness in the body causes bad breath?

Not illness just bad breath germs and bacteria

What causes a sharp intake of breath?

An emotional shock or pain can cause a sharp intake of breath.

What causes diminished breath sounds in emphysema?

The person's lungs are not moving air well in emphysema. Also irritants cause increased production of phlegm, which can reduce air movement, hence, diminished breath sounds.

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