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injury, lack of oxygen, substance abuse, dementia, severe nutritional deficiency, electrolyte imbalances (low sodium, if it drops rapidly....), hypo tension (drop in blood pressure), severe irregular heart rate, sepsis (infection), Alzheimer's certain disease entities

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Intoxication, a stroke, drugs, a head injury.

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Q: What causes a person to become disoriented?
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Why does a person become disoriented with a heat stroke?

Heat stroke often causes a drop in blood pressure, which in turn causes the disorientation and often deliriousness.

If you spin an Asian person really fast will they become disoriented?

The ethnic background is irrelevant.

What causes Transient global amnesia?

The causes of this disorder are not yet fully understood

Why should a person never wake up a sleep walker?

They become temporarily disoriented and they start to freak out. Bad for both the person woken up, and the one who woke them up.

Could sinus infection causeyou to become disoriented?

Yes it is quite possible.

Why does alcohol kill more than marijuana?

Alcohol causes you to become disoriented. Marijuana makes you sleepy. If you drive while on alcohol you cant control the car or your speed. Marijuana can make you drive slower.

What happens after seizure?

After having a seizure a person will become tired and feel worn down. Upon coming out of a seizure a person can be confused, disoriented and lack the ability to concentrate. Seizures can have many other effects as well depending on the person, type of seizure and severity of the seizure.

What causes a person to become a villain?

because day have a dark heart

What is an example sentence with the word 'disoriented'?

After the car accident, Sarah felt disoriented and couldn't remember where she was or what had happened.

What is an alarmist?

An alarmist is a person who causes others to become alarmed without due cause.

If a person is awakened and is disoriented but does not remember dreaming this person was most likely in sleep?

stage 4

How can you use the word disoriented in a sentence?

I became disoriented after a dizzying roller coaster ride.