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I don't have any ringing sounds in my ears. However, other people may have it due to a concussion. Also, it could be a sign of a stroke. Many people who had attended a loud concert often experience ringing in the ears.

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Q: What causes YOU to have ringing in YOUR ears?
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What is the term for the condition causes a constant ringing in the ears?


Can lorazepam help ringing in the ears?

can lorazepam help with ringing in the ears

What is tinitis?

ringing in the ears

You got ringing in your ears just randomly?

Ringing in your ears? Unless you've been taking medication lately that warns you about side affects like ringing in your ears, you're probably fine. When there is a silence in a house or outside, I get random ringing in my ears as well. Don't sweat it. It's probably nothing.

Could low iron cause ringing in the ears?

Yes, iron-deficient anemia can cause tinnitis or ringing in the ears.

Will the ringing in your ears subside a?


What medication causes ringing in the ears?

The main one to be aware of is aspirin. This medication is the most frequent offender when it comes to tinnitus (ringing in the ears). This condition of excessive aspirin use requires treatment in order to minimize the risk of organ damage, especially of the liver and kidneys.

Why did daft punk disappear?

It was because Thomas developed Tinnitus, a disease that causes permanent ear-ringing. He wanted to protect his ears.

Would you like to learn how to cure the ringing in your ears?

Ringing in the ears can be caused by working or living around loud noises, muscle movement around the ears, and other causes. It is most common in people over 40. There is no cure for it, but if it does not go away or occurs with other symptoms, your doctor may be able to help you learn to live with it, and can make sure there is not a more serious underlying condition. For more information about ringing in the ears (tinnitus), visit the Related Link.

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What is Tinnitus in the medical field?

Ringing in the ears.