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Some mucus in the stool is normal. Conditions like irritable bowel syndrome and ulcerative colitis can cause more mucus in the stool.

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Q: What causes Clear mucus in stool?
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What causes mucus in the stool that smells like rotting flesh?

Must have a amebiasis bacteria

Mucus in dog's stool?

foods that aren't healthy for the dog such as grapes garlic etc.

Why after you stool isee a thick white sticky mucus and what is it?

Answer: Passage of mucus in stool can suggest colitis, infection or a villus adenoma / polyp. You need to see your Doctor to check this out

What does mucus in stool indicate?

A small amount of mucus in the stool is normal. A doctor should be consulted it it becomes a regular occurrence or if it is accompanied by blood in the stool. This may be an indication of more serious conditions including Crohn's Disease, ulcerative colitis or cancer.

What causes lack of stool production?

whay causes lack of stool production

Why would there be mucus in a child?

If you are worried take the child to a doctor with a sample of the stool. Everyone has mucus in their stool to some extent. The bowel is lined with mucous membrane which helps the passage of the stool. Sometimes it becomes excessive if there is an inflammation, or the bowel is irritated (for example by spicy food). If the child is healthy and apart from this the stools are normal and the mucus is not bloodstained, forget about it.

Mucus in stool and stomach pain after eating undone pork?

Go to the doctor.

What does clear nasal mucus mean?

Clear nasal mucus or, "snot", is usually associated with allergies. If your nasal mucus is green or yellow you may have an infection and should see a doctor.

What causes clear foamy bowel movements with lots of gas?

Bowel movements should not be clear. However, there may be mucous i the stool. This could be clear or white and foamy. If the mucous is the only symptom, it is likely nothing to worry about.

Blood mucus in stool?

Disorder and diseases that cause blood and mucus in stool: Acute Alcohol Consumption (excessive drinking can cause bloody mucus in the stool) Andrade's Syndrome Bowel Obstructions Celiac Disease Chronic Diarrhea, Idiopathic (can cause bloody mucus in the stool) Colon Cancer Acute Constipation, Dyschazia (can cause bloody mucus on the stool) Crohn's Disease Drug Side effects (can cause bloody mucus in the stool) Carnitine Transporter Deficiencye Cystic Fibrosis Dysentery Anus Fissures E.coli (causes bloody mucus in the stool) Gastroenteritis (Influenza) (can cause blood and mucus in stools) Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis Internal Hemorrhoids (can cause bloody mucus in the stool, too) Intestinal Bacterial Infection Irritable Bowel Syndrome Liver Disease Pancreatitis Blind-loop Syndrome Pancreatic Disorder Pancreatitis Syndrome Pelvic Abscess Pelvic Lipomastosis Proctitis Juvenile Rectal Cancer Rectal Prolapse Shigellosis Ulcerative Colitis

Why is your cats stool a light beige color?

A cat's stool could be a light beige color due to the meal the cat has eaten. The color of a stool can change and there is nothing to worry about unless there is mucus or blood.

What are clear worms in my stool?

Tape worms