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Drink tea and take antibiotics

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Q: What can you use to make a sore throat feel better?
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Why does cold water make a sore throat worse?

Cold water actually should help make the sore throat feel better due to a numbing affect.

When you have a sore throat are you allowed an ice cream?

Absolutely! In fact, ice cream is widely recognized as a sore throat soother. By no means does it cure the ailment, but it does make it feel better!

Can giving head help a sore throat?

Depends if its long or not... i wouldn't go deep throating if you have a sore throat...

How do you know if you have a sore throat?

Does your throat feel raw and sore? If the answer is yes, you have a sore throat.

Does cancer in your throat feel like a really bad sore throat?

There are many conditions that can cause a severe sore throat including strep throat. Cancer of the throat can cause the throat to feel sore. When you have a persistent sore throat consult a physician.

Does egg drop won ton soup help sore throat?

Yes it does it makes it feel better

What does it mean when your throat starts to hurt after you start to sing?

This is common, your voice needs training to sing. When you feel sore, give your voice and throat a break. When you feel better, sing again.

Albuterol inhalation aerosol out of date can you use it?

it will not work and it will probably make you feel weird or make you have a sore throat. I've tried it once and it didn't work and plus I felt both weird and my throat became sore.

Can second hand smoke cause a sore throat?

smoking is bad, with or without a sore throat. though, if you do have a sore throat i would recommend not smoking for a while as the chemicals and drugs in the cigarettes could make your sore throat worse. hope this helped.

How do you cure a sore throat?

Here is how you can cure a sore throat. You can cure a sore throat by drinking warm beverages. For example, you can have coffee, tea, soup, etc. Even if cold items feel better on your throat, hot bevrages are still better. They are better because if you drink something hot, it heats the mucus in the back of your throat, making it go away. Cold beverages create more mucus, even though it feels better. Also, stay away from dairy products. For example, ice cream, coffee cream, milk, cheese, all of that. That is the best way to cure a sore throat. If that doesn't work, try taking medicine, or call your doctor. You may have strep throat. And you want to cure it before it gets worse and spreads.

Why do you get Sore throat?

you can get a sore throat By shouting

How do you know if it is sore throat or strep throat?

It's called a sore throat because it hurts. If you feel pain in your throat, that is a sore throat.