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Vitamin C. Drinkin plenty of Orange Juice has been proven to dull down the high and make the tetrahydracanabanoid (THC) cells recover faster. However it takes about three days for marijuana to be completely taken out of your system and if you have been smoking it excessively it can stay in your system for months even without smoking anything.

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Q: What can you use that can help marijuana pass through your body?
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Does marijuana enter DNA?

No, marijuana does not enter or alter DNA. However, it can impact gene expression and cellular function through interaction with cannabinoid receptors in the body.

Does alcohal help pass marijuana test?

no, that is rediculous.

Can pennicilin help pass marijuana urine test?


Does Grapeseed extract help pass a marijuana test?


Can you pass through a non medical marijuana state while traveling with medical marijuana?

No, You cannot have it in your possession

Does congress have the authority to regulate the medical or recreational use of marijuana?

Congress can help pass laws to regulate marijuana, but they are not the sole authority.

Why must blood pass through each organ of the body?

To help the organs function the way they are supposed to.

Is there anything that will help pass a urine test for marijuana?

Attempting to cheat or alter a urine test for marijuana may have consequences if caught. It is best to be honest about marijuana use and its potential impact on the test results. Drinking plenty of water and exercising to increase metabolism may help to naturally eliminate THC from the body over time.

Can Ritalin help you pass a marijuana drug test?

First of all, you shouldn't smoke weed while you are taking Ritalin. And second, no it won't help you pass. Sorry.

What happens to the gold if you drink it does it stay trapped in the body or does it pass through?

If you consume gold in small amounts, it is likely to pass through your body harmlessly. The gold particles are very small and do not get absorbed into the bloodstream in a significant way. However, consuming large amounts of gold could potentially be toxic and harmful to your health.

Does Jamaican Cerasee tea help you pass a marijuana urine test?

As long as you have sex with it first.

Marijuana can help you pass a santardised test?

Using marijuana before a standardized test can impair cognitive function and memory, potentially hindering test performance rather than improving it. It is not recommended to rely on marijuana to help pass a standardized test. It's best to prepare and study for the test in a clear state of mind.