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"Feel it out" just go with your gut. You can't really just say whatever and she'll all of a sudden go down on you. You need to get her on your side. Be patient young one. If she's really into you, what you're looking for will more that likely come to you. Just be open

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Q: What can you tell your girlfriend so you can go to the next level?
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How can you take your relationship to next level with your girlfriend were 13 we only hug and hold hands?

get her alone be nice, compliment her and go in for a kiss! but make sure you be romantic.

How should you tell your girlfriend to move on to another stage?

Well you could just be honest with her,say that you really really really love her and say "hey, i really love you and i think its time we go to a next level,you know wat im saying?"..just be confident :)

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No go for it killah!

Your girlfriend loves it when you touch her but you dont know what the next step is or when to go with it?

You have to speak to your girlfriend about the situation and see what she is ready to do.

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Just tell her straight up panz

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It means you are going through the phase where your relationship is going to the next level, where you realize you are getting so attracted to the girl that you don't know what you're saying and doing. Don't worry, this is a sign to a long-lasting relationship. :)

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