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It is a waste product of cellular respiration.

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Q: What can you infer about carbon dioxide from the fact that your body needs to breathe it out?
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Why do plants go through cellular respiration and how do they balance the carbon dioxide and oxygen in the atmosphere by doing so?

A plant is a living thing so there for it needs to breathe. When plants breathe they breathe the opposite of us in with carbon dioxide out with oxogyn

How do photosynthesis and respiration affect the carbon dioxide oxygen cycle?

plants during photosynthesis take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen while animals during respiration breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide making a complete continuous cycle.

Can you breathe carbon dioxide and nitrogen?

you breath in oxygen then when it comes out its carbon dioxide so you breath out carbon dioxide. nitrogen covers 78% of the earth surface so I'm guessing it's breathable--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------You can breathe it for a short time without ill effect, however, the brain along with the rest of the body needs oxygen to burn. It's not the CO2 or N that will kill you, it's the lack of oxygen.

What does air do for a plant?

A plant needs carbon dioxide to live, and air is combined of CO2(carbon dioxide), H20(water) and Oxygen (, O, 8).When people exhale they breathe out CO2, which a plant absorbs. CO2 is a nutrient, essential to a plant.

What needs carbon dioxide?


How do gorilla breathe?

The same way we do, by taking in Oxygen and breathing out the Carbon Dioxide that the body needs to rid of. Take a deep breath, hon! Hope this helped, Lovetta...

What does photosynthesis mean in kid's language?

Photosynthesis is the way green plants use sunlight to make food for the plant using carbon dioxide and water. Humans breathe out carbon dioxide as waste; plants give off oxygen as their waste. Humans need the oxygen that plants make; plants need the carbon dioxide that humans make. So every time you give plants the water and sun it needs, telling it "Grow!" as you breathe out Carbon Dioxide, you help the plant to do its job to help humans.

How does photosynthesis maintain balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide in the environment?

Photosynthesis helps to balance oxygen and carbon dioxide in the air because plants produce oxygen through photosynthesis, this therefore goes into air which humans breathe in. We breathe out carbon dioxide and the plants needs carbon dioxide, so therefore the levels of carbon dioxide and oxygen are balanced in the air.

Do barrel cactus plants need carbon dioxide or oxygen?

A barrel cactus [Echinocactus and Ferocactus spp] needs both carbon dioxide and oxygen. It needs to take in carbon dioxide, for its photosynthetic interaction with sunlight. It needs oxygen, which forms the water molecule with hydrogen.

Why does plants needs carbon dioxide?

plant prepare their own food with the help of sunlight,carbon dioxide,oxygen.

An organism that uses Carbon dioxide for its carbon needs would be called a?


Do plants produce food when they have no carbon dioxide?

No. Carbon Dioxide is one of the basic needs that plants need in order to survive.