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friendship or love

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Q: What can you give to someone but keep at the same time?
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What if someone makes promises and doesn't keep them?

Then it's time to let him go. He is gone keep on doing the same thing over and over again!

I saw someone give 50 rare candies at the same time so how do you do that?

cheat mostly just cheat.

What do you do if you love someone but he doesn't know and could never feel the same way towards you?

give it time...if he likes you it will happen

Does lend mean the same thing as borrow?

No, lend means to give to someone; borrow means to have someone give you something that you return after a certain amount of time. For example: I'll lend you my pencil. Can I borrow your pencil?

Do watches keep time the same?

Why watches do not tell the same time

What is the appropriate time to keep someone waiting to learn of dinner arrangements?

* You should try to answer them the same day or the very next day. When asked out for dinner and you aren't sure of a busy schedule check it out as soon as possible and get right back to the other person to give them time to make other arrangements.

Do watches keep time same?


What will you do after you break up with your boyfriend?

Keep busy, go out with friends. Do no sit and mope! You will be ok, give it time.. You will meet someone new and move on.. Surround yourself with friends

What can someone do when they like 2 boys at the same time?

keep it a secret and don't tell anyone about it and if feel bad act like he's cheating on you Ms.TAta

How do you get over someone you love completely when they do feel the same way?

That is very difficult.I think if you both feel the same way, give your relationship another chance. Make sacrifices to make it work, spend quality time to gether. i really cant say but i know how it feels cause I'm going tru the same but only worse. just keep trying.

How can someone be considerate and negligent at the same time?

You may be considerate in the effort of doing something for someone and negligent at the same time when you fail to carry out the action.

What does truse mean?

A truse is an agreement to give up at the same time. The incorrect spelling of truce - which is an agreement to give up at the same time.