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Depends on the friends.

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Q: What can you do while friends are over?
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If your friends chase you down the street in there car while your in your underwear at night are they good friends?

No.Because they can run over you.

What should you eat while over a friends house?

Whatever they serve you. If you don't like it, be polite and push it around the plate while telling them how good it is.

Who are the friends that come over in All your Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight?

My very good friends come over in All your Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight.

How do you memorize lines?

You look at the lines say them out loud while looking at them. then give the book to an adult and have them look at it while you recite it, ans see if you get it right. Another way is writing them out over and over again. Or break them up into parts, and either say them over and over again, or write them over and over. Then you should recite it to family/friends, and see if its right or not. When you recite it to family/friends, you should give them the script so you can see if you have memorized it or not.

How do you talk to your girlfriend while she is talking to her friends?

Just go over to her, or hug her from behind then start talking,, hope this helped :)

What do you do when the only way to get over your ex is to not see him anymore but you have the same friends?

You don't have to see him, but you can still have a relationship with your friends. Tell your friends to respect your wishes not to see your ex while you are in their company. You will expect them not to invite him/her to functions that you have been invited. If your friends cannot abide by your request, then drop them as friends.

When was My Friends Over You created?

My Friends Over You was created on 2002-07-22.

Should you kiss your girlfriend at a friends house with all of your friends with you?

if all your friends shout " do it do it do it" over and over again

What should you do if you are uncertain about the flawere while having at a friends?

What should you do if you are uncertain about the flawere while having at a friends?

What are some ways or signs to tell that a guy likes you?

I have found that guys that like you will hang out with your friends a lot more, they will smile when they are around you, and when they are with their friends while your'e around, his friends will look over at you while he is talking to them. also, he will ask questions with obvious answerslike "what was the homework last night?" even when you saw him write it down yesterday in class.

Do Friends Change Over Time?

Yes, friends do and will change over time. Every person changes over time.

What is to have a lot of friends?

Like you have 120 friends (I have over). Thats alot of friends!