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Q: What can you do to keep the body from stop shrinking?
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Does cotton ever stop shrinking?

I think that eventually cotton will stop shrinking.

How do you keep pie dough from shrinking?

add more fat

Why do you gain weight when you stop eat?

You gain weight when you stop eating because your body begins to think its starving. Your motabolism slows to keep weight on. And anything you eat your body trys to keep the fat out of it.

Is there anything to stop your breasts from shrinking as a result of exercise?

Your breasts are "shrinking" because you are losing fat. They will look bigger if you gain muscle. Try the fly machine.

Does shrinking disk partitions delete files?

If the size after "shrinking" is big enough to keep all files then it does not do anything. Otherwise you will loose some information.

Can you lose hair from using steriods?

Yes, adding excessive testosterone to your body can cause hair loss. Also acne, and shrinking testicles .....but they go back to normal size when you stop the juice.

What is the iv drug atropine used for?

to stop pain or keep your body hydrated

Why do you need fat you are body?

to keep you insulated (for body warmth) and for food storage for if you stop eating you still have a fat storage to last you for a while to keep you going

Uzbekistan and Kazakhastan share which body of shrinking salt water?

The Aral Sea

Inland body of water in central Asia has been steadily shrinking?


Which body of water is shrinking?

Aral See, located between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

How can you stop your tee shirt shrinking 5 percent?

Wash in cold water and air dry, no dryer.