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It is rare for a child to reach adulthood without having injured their head at least once. Infants roll off the bed when their parents are distracted for a second, toddlers are unsteady on their feet, school-aged children collide with each other while playing, and older children frequently get separated from their bicycle. While head injuries are common, it is unusual for the trauma to produce any serious neurological problems.

The answer to this question depends partially on what type of "bump" the child has or how he/she obtained it. Did the child fall and hit a very hard surface? Was the child hit in the head with an object such as a Baseball or a rock? Did the child run into an object such as a door or stairway banister? Another thing the answer hinges upon is whether there is a lump that is forming and visible, protruding outward? Or, is there a dent in the child's head? The outward lump, or outward swelling is a much better sign than the inward dent. If indeed the child has the dent, he/she should be seen by a doctor and xrays taken to make sure there is not skull fractures or other dangerous problem, just as bleeding below the skull. The child will require awakening every 2 hours for at least the first 12 hours, to make sure that he/she is oriented, has no complaints of dizziness - which is difficult in the small child- or if there is the complaint of a terrible headache, visual disturbance. He/she must be observed for excessive vomiting. A large majority of head injuries are not that serious. In most cases, placing an ice pack on the area and watching fdf is always the answer? Until now where cold compresses and ice packs can actually increase the swelling inside the skull, and can (though rarely) affect the brain. It is not suggest you use a compress at room temparature.

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Take the five year old to the eye doctor. If there is nothing wrong with his sight, take the child to a psychologist and make sure that it is not an attention getting device and that the child indeed does bump into things more than his peers. Teach the child to really look around and notice everything in his environment. Many of us have the habit of looking down when we're walking. If none of that works, try a bicycle helmet. Good Luck.

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Q: What can you do if your five year old is always hitting his head and getting big lumps?
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