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be nice.

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Q: What can you do each day to bring joy into the life of others?
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How did Saint John Vianney bring God's forgiveness to others?

John Vianney spent many hours each day in the confessional.

Each day and hour bring news or Each day and hour brings news?

Each day and hour brings news.

What day is bring your child to work day?

In the United States, Bring Your Child To Work Day is always on the fourth Thursday in April each year. In 2014 it was on April 24 and in 2015 it will be on April 23.

14 members 12 day trip each member eats 2lb of food each day how many pounds of food do they have to bring?

336 pounds of food is needed.

What activities do people do on Confucius Day?

they kiss each others left earlobes

Do you bring your own sheets to a hotel?

Nope. They are provided. And a maid makes up the bed each day and the sheets typically get changed every 2nd or 3rd day. And fresh towels each day, too.

Poem learn to make the most of life?

Did you want to know how the poem goes? Coz it's something like... Learn to make the most of life, Loose no happy day. Time can never bring thee back, Chances swept away. Leave no tender word unsaid, Love while life shall last. For the mill can never grind with the waters that have past.

What is the plural word form for bring?

'Bring' is a conjugated verb, from the infinitive 'To Bring'. Therefore, it has no plural form. For example, I bring a briefcase with me to work each day. I bring several briefcases with me to work each day. the verb can have an 's' added, but this is to do with the conjugation rather than the pluralisation (i.e, who is 'doing' the bringing). For example, He brings a briefcase with him to work each day. He brings several briefcases with him to work each day. You may be thinking of past tense? The word then becomes brought. Again, it does not change for pluralisation. Yesterday, I brought a briefcase with me to work. Yesterday, I brought several briefcases with me to work. If, for some reason, you are using 'Bring' as a noun (the only example I can think of being the noise an older telephone makes - Bring bring! Bring bring!) then the correct pluralisation would be 'Brings'. The telephone made four 'brings' before ringing off. Still, that wouldn't be a very good way of writing such a thing and I would suggest another method.

Minerals that affect your life in a typical day?

Minerals that affect your life in a typical day include iron and calcium. Others worth mentioning are lead, magnesium and mercury.

Day to day life?

It means to live each day carefree, without worry or planning or thinking of the future.

How the Arabs created a trade empire?

by sucking each others d!cks all day (:

What differences did microscopes bring to every day life?

ithout microscopes, it would be hard to see bacteria or the planets