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water can be contaminaed by dioxins and other chemicals.

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Q: What can water be contaminated by?
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How Is ground water naturally contaminated?

It is not natural for water to be contaminated, however, all natural water is contaminated because water in essence is a particle carrier and particles are contaminants.

How do you put contaminated in a sentence?

The water supply was contaminated. The company contaminated the soil with their chemicals.

Is contaminated water good for you?

That really depends on what the water is contaminated with.However contaminated usually means dirty, foul, toxic.Therefore contaminated water is generally not good to drink, could make you ill and may even kill you.

What is difference between polluted water and contaminated water?

polluted water is more dangerous for use and contaminated water is poisiones then polluted

What happens when tap water gets contaminated?

When tap water gets contaminated there is high risk for diseases to spread.

Is the drinking water contaminated?

It depends where you live. Drinking water in some areas of the world is contaminated, while in others, it isn't.

How does groundwater become contaminated?

Water becomes contaminated by people throwing trash on the ground and it ends up in the ground water.

Can water be contaminated with a narcotic drug?

in pollution water

Contaminant in a sentence?

The homeowners had their water tested for contaminants before drinking from the faucet.

Can contaminated water be cleaned?

Yes it can

What are the possible problems of contaminated water and how might they be overcome 9 marks?

Contaminated water is brought about by pollution and lack of education about cleanliness.

What are exampled of indirect contact between you and a pathogen?

Eating contaminated food and drinking contaminated water