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your skelp will keep getting itchy and more itchy and it wont stop being itchy.

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Q: What can happen if you start scratching your scalp too much?
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Is it bad for your scalp to scratch it?

No, unless your scratching it so much the skin is gone. Skin flakes off and that's why 90% of the dust in your house is from your skin. When you scratch your scalp you just getting rid of deed skin. (Dandruff)

What should you do if you have chickenpox on your scalp?

There is not much you can do. I've had it and I tried ointment but that burned like crazy. One more thing: REFRAIN FROM SCRATCHING! Unless you like bleeding with no end do not scratch!!

Why don't we scratch our scalps all the time?

we don't because your scalp will start hurting and it will not itch that much.

Why am i losing so much hair when my scalp is dry?

You lose so much hair when the scalp is dry because the cells in your hair needs to be hydrated too. The lost hair is a result of the dead cells on your scalp.

Is itching my scalp bad?

Yes if you do it to much it will hurt.

Why is your cat scratching herself so much?

it may have fleas

What can happen if you listen to your iPod too much?

Your ears will start to hurt from the earbuds

What would happen if i sprayed bleach mixed with water in your hair?

household bleach will not dye your hair, if you put too much of it on your head you will probably get chemical burns to your scalp and charged with assault.

Would a frontal or longitudinal cut to the scalp cause profuse bleeding?

The scalp is highly vascularized, and pretty much any type of a laceration to the scalp would cause profuse bleeding, depending on where and how big it is.

What does it happen when you use drugs?

it happen when you use much drugs then your body will start slowing down and then your lungs would not work.

Can lice give you cancer if you scratch too much?

No, you cannot get cancer from scratching too much.

What would happen if you massage your scalp for 5 hours?

You would be very very very very very very very relaxed. Not much else unless you have weak skin and you do it some damage.

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