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no one no's

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Q: What can happen if you put a cotton bud in a mans pee hole?
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How long does it take for a cotton seed to grow into a cotton bud?

it takes 1-2 months to grow into a cotton bud

What is surgical cotton wool called?

you just call it cotton wool or cotton bud

Can you use a cotton bud for a light period?

Assuming a cotton bud is like a cotton ball? I would say definitely not on the inside, and likely not advisable on the outside either.

What actors and actresses appeared in Cotton Bud - 1999?

The cast of Cotton Bud - 1999 includes: Darren Walsh as Angry Kid

Will a ford 8 hole bud fit a dodge 8 hole bud?

I believe a Ford 8 hole will fit any 8 hole. The center hole is bigger on Ford than Chevy and also Dodge.

Removing ear wax?

you use a cotton bud

How do your make your eyelashes longer?

You will need: Mascara, Scissors, Cotton bud, brush. Firstly you put your first layer of mascara on! With your scissors you cut and keep cutting the cotton bud (only in the middle though), until there are small bits! After you take your brush and put it in the cotton bud when you take it out there should only be tiny bits of the cotton bud if there is big ones take them off. Then you brush your eyelashes with the brush while the bits of cotton bud are on there. Once you done that you put another layer of mascara on, and your lashes should look longer if you want them longer do the cotton bud thing again. Once your happy with the length show off and tell them what to do with their eyelashes!! Hope it helped, reply if it did!

How will a snail respond when it is touched with a cotton bud?

close by itself

Does sticking a cotton bud in your ear damage it?

Sticking a cotton bud in your ear can damage it.You risk bleeding, a perforated eardrum, or damage to the bones in the ear, which can cause permanent deafness.

Which part of the plant does cotton come from?

The very top of the plant is a small white ball which is the cotton

How do you remove cotton bud from the ear?

just pluck it out from your years and enjoy

When did Battle of Bud Bagsak happen?

Battle of Bud Bagsak happened in 1913.