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There are several different things that can cause a person to have blisters on their scalp. The most likely explanation is that the person is severely allergic to some of the hair products they are using.

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Q: What can cause you to have blisters on your scalp?
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Can working out cause fever blisters?

Working out won't cause fever blisters.

Can trichomoniasis cause blisters?

Trichomoniasis can cause a rash with red spots and itching, but doesn't cause blisters.

Scabs on your scalp that hurt?

Your scalp may sometimes get very dry,when this occurs it becomes itchy and with a scratch it may feel good but you may be cutting your scalp with out any pain,thus causing your scalp to have scaps...

Can too much sex cause blisters?

Friction can cause blisters, yes - however, many sexual diseases cause blisters as well. If you have blisters on your sexual organs, you should see a doctor to make sure it's not a disease.

Is herpes blisters?

No not all blisters are herpes. Some are just water blisters from chaffing, some types of eczema can also cause blisters.

Can static electricity cause blisters?

No, static electricity typically does not cause blisters. Blisters are usually caused by friction, burns, or skin irritation. Static electricity can cause a shock sensation or spark, but it is not associated with blister formation.

Blisters from prosthetic leg?

Yes, from where the leg meets the stump if it is not fitted correctly in can cause blisters.

Can athletes foot cause blisters?


Will kumquats cause blisters?

Most certainly not.

What are some of the causes of a flaky scalp?

The most common cause of a flaky scalp is dry skin. A skin condition called eczema can also cause one to have a flaky scalp. Dermatitis and psoriasis can also lead one to develop a flaky scalp.

What are lumps on scalp?

Small lumps on the scalp are likely caused by bug bites. Spiders and mosquitoes can cause a series of small lumps on the scalp.

What is the cause of pink scalp?

traction alopecia