What can a doctor do for dead nerves in the legs?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Give bionic implants, though those are quite pricey

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Q: What can a doctor do for dead nerves in the legs?
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What nerve mutation can be caused by tuberculoid leprosy?

Involvement of nerves on the face, arms, or legs can cause them to enlarge and become easily felt by the doctor.

What are causes for tingling in legs?

There are a variety of different things that can cause tingling in legs, so you should get it checked out by a doctor to figure out which one pertains to you. It can be from damage to nerves, such as with a herniated disk, or be something more serious such as diabetes or a stroke.

What happens in the nerves in your legs are injured?

That depends on which nerves and where and how badly damaged. In general you might have trouble feeling your legs and/or moving them - all the way to total paralysis.

What do you do for dead nerves in your legs?

Treatment for dead nerves in the legs may involve physical therapy to improve muscle strength and flexibility, pain management strategies, and lifestyle modifications to prevent further damage. In some cases, surgery or medications may be recommended to address underlying issues such as nerve compression or inflammation. It's important to work with healthcare professionals to determine the best course of action for your specific situation.

What is a nerves doctor called?

A doctor who specializes in disorders of the nerves is called a neurologist; this individual also often deals with disorders of the brain (which is basically a big collection of nerves).

What is the Network of spinal nerves that supplies the pelvis and legs?

The network of spinal nerves that supplies the pelvis and legs is known as the lumbosacral plexus. It is formed by the lower lumbar and sacral spinal nerves and gives rise to various nerves that innervate the lower extremities, including the sciatic nerve, femoral nerve, and obturator nerve. These nerves play a crucial role in motor and sensory functions of the pelvis and legs.

What happen to legs if Back bone or pelvic crush on legs nerves?

Your legs will start hurting a lot and if you don't exercise them they will stop working.

What do you calla Doctor Who specializes in nerves?

A neurologist

What are hair nerves?

Hair is dead cells and actually has no nerves. When you pull on your hair, it is actually the living nerves in your scalp which register it.

Can you feel tickling if consider brain dead?

yes you can, as your nerves are not dead, you are not completely dead, sensations are still there.

Is Doctor Suise dead?

doctor SEUSS is dead.

A faulty functioning of nerves that control the arms and legs is called?

peripheral neurits