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Carbon dioxide

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Q: What builds up in the blood that makes you breathe faster?
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What can working out do?

Builds muscle, burns fat, makes heart pump blood through your body faster.

Why is breathing faster going to affect your blood?

If you run or exercise you breathe faster and that makes your blood circulate in your veins more rapidly. That is a good thing because it cleans the blood vessels and makes them work better in all parts of your body.

Why is someone with a heart defect short of breath after climbing stairs?

Because if you have a heart defect then it makes you get out of breathe faster and if you have a hole in your heart wall it also makes you get out of breathe faster.

Why do you breathe more air after you excersise?

Because when you excersise your blood heart is pumping more blood so then it makes you breathe more.

What is the function of the respritory system?

oxiginating the blood (it makes you breathe)

What kind of exercise makes the heart beat faster and the lungs breathe harder?

strength training

When you run your heart beats faster and you breathe faster why does this happen?

because (i think) you're using your muscles more, which makes them tired, so more blood needs to be flown to them. your heart pumps faster because it has to pump more, and you breath faster because the purpose of blood is to bring oxygen throughout your body. so the harder you work, the more tired you get, and that's why it happens... i think. this isn't a definite answer.

What happens when smoke enters your lungs?

when smoke enters ur lungs tar builds up which makes it hard to breathe and when u cant breathe u may likely end up with a disease or die. );

How do sports effect the circulatory system?

it makes your blood vessels pump faster and oxygen flow faster

Why is all Ferrari cars red?

Because the red that they use makes our blood flow faster somehow and makes them look faster, that is why people say ferraries that are red go faster.

Why is exercise good for your respiration system?

helps by getting your blood flows faster and that makes essential materials get there faster

Why do asthma sufferes find it hard to breathe?

The sufferer will have a feel that he is being choked. He feels that he is not getting enough air into the lungs. He will also find it difficult to breathe out. The stale air builds up in the lungs, causing them to become overinflated. As a result, he will breathe too heavily and quickly.hope this helps :) sorry if it does not.