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Vitamins and potassium

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Q: What builds new cells and tissues?
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What controls proteins that builds cells and tissues and work as enzymes?


Explain the relationship among cells tissues and organs?

Cell tissues actually make up organs and there are different types of cells for different types of organs

How is mitosis related to replacement of worn out tissues?

Tissues are made from cells. Elimination of worn-out bits and pieces is preceded by the 'introduction' of new cells. New cells are produced by the process called cell division, and this happens by the process known as mitosis.

What substance builds up body tissues?

Proteins (:

What vitamins that builds and repair worn out tissues?

vitamin A

What insect builds six sided cells?

The honey bee builds six sided cells.

The process by which the cells use nutrients to repair or build new tissues?


Why do cells work together as tissues and organs?

Because cells create tissues and tissues create organs.

Is an organism tissues and organs are made of cells?

Cells make up tissues, and tissues make up organs.tissues are group of cells which perform similar they are made up of cells only

How are tissues and cells related?

cells are to tissue are to organs are to organ systems are to organisms

What are simple and complex permanent tissues?

The cells of the permanent tissues do not generally divide further. Simple and complex tissues are conducting tissues. Cells that are similar in structure and function are called assimple tissues. Cells of different types of permanent tissues are called as complex tissues.

What is the relation among cells tissues and organs?

Cells form tissues, and tissues form organs. And you need them to live.