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none.. the body has opioid receptors.. opiates are not always heroin.. its your brainnn

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Q: What body system excretes heroin?
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What organ system excretes wastes from the body?

The Excretory System

What organs excretes in the body?

it is the excretory system which is involved in this process

What system of the body excretes waste from the blood and out of the body?

Your question is a little vague but the urinary system fits the best.

What system gets rid of extra water in the body?

The renal system, aka urinary system, excretes extra water from the body.

What are 4 chemicals the body excretes?

what are the 4 chemicals your body excretes

A group of organs that removes waste from the blood and excretes it from the body?

The Urinary System is the answer.

What body system does heroin affect?

The liver.

What body system feeds into the cloaca?

The digestive system of the frog feeds into the cloaca. This is how the frog excretes waste from it's system.

Compare excretory system and urinary system?

The urinary system is composed of the kidneys, urethra, bladder. This system excretes urine by filtering the blood circulating around the body by the kidneys and transfered to the urethra and bladder. The excretory system is composed of the urinary system and other different body organs. The skin, which composes the largest part of our body, is an excretory organ, it excretes sweat to regulate the body heat. The anus, excretes the solid wastes that are digested after food consumption. There are other body organs belonging to the excretory system, but these are only a few examples with their funciton.

What are the organs of the excretory system and it function?

The organs are the kidneys and the liver. The excretory system excretes waste out of the body. It works with the digestive system

How can you cleanse heroin out of system?

You can't. The body stores heroin in body fat for up to a month and in hair for up to 6 months.

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