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32-25-34 are you serious? HOT that's what that is......definetly hourglass

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Q: What body shape is 32- 25 -34 hourglass pearapple or ruler?
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What is your body shape 32-25.5-32?

You are an hourglass,wow you have a beautiful body

What are some good exercises for an hourglass body shape?


33-23-33 is hourglass shape?

That's right! A body with measurements of 33-23-33 is often described as having an hourglass shape. This means that your bust and hip measurements are about equal, and your waist is narrower. The classic "hourglass" shape is considered to be a very desirable body type, and it's associated with femininity and attractiveness. However, it's important to remember that every body is beautiful and unique, and that a person's worth is not determined by their body shape. The most important thing is to be healthy and confident in your own skin. 💪❤️

What is the meaning of baby doll clothing in image industry especially in hourglass body Shape?

Sexual appeal

What body shape is 34 24 35?

You are an hourglass figure. You can read about your body type and confirm in the calculator I used here

What does it mean if you have a hourglass body shape?

It means you have a nice body frame. Decent sized breast, skinny waist, and decent hips or buttox :)

Does Body Magic really work and where can you buy one in Florida?

Yes, Body Magic definitely does re-sculpt your body over time, giving you more of an hourglass shape. You can find it in the related link.

What body shape is 34-24-35 hourglass or pear?

It is the shoulders that actually help determine a pear body shape. This body shape describes when a woman's hips are wider than her shoulders. Hour glass body types those where the bust and hips are the same/evenly balanced, with a small waist, which sounds more like the measurements you described.

What to Look For In a Wedding Dress?

First off, look for a dress that would fit for you. That means you must know your body shape. There are various body types that might match your shape, such as pear shape, apple, hourglass and athletic figures. To get to know more about these guides, check out the related link below.

What kind of body shape is an hourglass figure?

There are various ways to describe an hourglass figure. An hourglass figure often refers to a woman with a very small waist and curvy hips. Hourglass figures are considered to be the ideal female body type.

If your measurements are 37-28-37 what body shape are you?

it's hourglass because the top and bottom are the same and the middle is relatively smaller.

What body shape do most men prefer on a woman?

Most men prefer an hourglass figure on a woman which is characterized by a slim waist wider hips and a proportionate bust. This body shape is often seen as the most desirable and attractive for women. Some specific features that men are drawn to include: A slim waist Wide hips A proportionate bust A defined bust-waist-hip ratio A curvaceous silhouetteThe hourglass figure has been viewed as an ideal figure since ancient times and has been a popular and desirable body shape for women throughout history.