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all the above

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Your metabolism effects the burning of calories that are necessary to supply your body with energy.

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Q: What bodily function does metabolism affect?
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What bodily function is not affectes by metabolism?

hair growth

What bodily function does metabolish affect?

all the above

What body function does metabolism affect?

Burning calories digesting food and circulating blood

What bodily functions is not affected by the metabolism?

hair growth

What happens to a person's metabolism when they binges on Netflix?

Unless you're standing or walking in circles while doing it. Laying and sitting is a state of bodily relaxation which slows down metabolism. This is a function of the parasympathetic nervous system.

What bodily functions is affected by metabolism?

all the above apex

Which od the following bodily functions is not affected by metabolism?

Hair growth

What bodily function does metabolism not affect?

Metab does not affect the stretching of your left pinky toe. All your other toes are affected and all other body functions. I know your concerned of how that left toe will look in the upcoming bathing suit season but no worries...none at all...that little bite sized toe will look great on your boat no matter what you eat and drink.

Cell processes affect all of bodily functions?

Pathophysiology is the study of how disease processes affect the function of the body. Pathophysiology is very useful for EMT's to understand how common illnesses and injuries affect the body and how the body reacts.

What bodily function is not possible in space?


Does alcohol affect the metabolic process?

Alcohol has no affect on metabolism; metabolism breaks alcohol down in the body.

What metabolism requires the use of oxygen?

Aerobic metabolism requires oxygen to function.